How to Grow Your Traffic from Stealing Featured Snippets

Multiply your existing traffic by 3-4x by getting into featured snippets.

How to get into Featured Snippets if your articles are already ranking on page 1?

Pages that rank on page 1 has a very high probability of getting into featured snippets!

– Open Ahrefs or Semrush for now I will use Ahrefs.

– Goto>siteexplorer>enterdomain>Organic keywords

– Apple 2 Filters “Position 1 to 10” & Serp Feature “Tick only on featured Snippets.

– Now you will have the list of pages that are ranking on page 1 also has a featured snippet served by Google.

– Try to understand missing elements on your page with the page that is currently ranking on Featured Snippet [ Add more Value, Optimise your Copy, Satisfy Searcher’s intent, Definitions, Precise Answers, Missing Tables, Heading Structures, etc ]

Quick Tip: Adding engaging tables in the listicles has helped us drastically in getting into featured snippets for more than 100 Pages.

Repeat this process for all your articles and see the difference.

This will only work on sites with existing traffic.

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