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I’m Devendra Saini, an Indian SEO expert. Having been in the SEO Industry for a while, after testing many ranking signals, I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve helped many startups, medium & large-scale businesses escalate their organic growth & visibility, it’s time for me to help your business propel online.

I regularly contribute my recommendations & advice to some of the largest SEO Communities, Groups & Forums, and kill FOMO! I keep up-to-date with the highly competitive search ecosystem & all the latest SEO strategies – many of which I cover on my blog in detail..

Years of Experience

Businesses & Brands

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My Experience as SEO Consultant

Presently I am dedicated to growing organic growth for Asia’s Largest Mobile Gaming Company which is Mobile Premier League, as Head of Search Engine Optimisation that includes managing visibility across Search Engines and Play Store & App Store rankings. MPL has over 80 Million users worldwide.

Before that, I worked with one of India’s fastest-growing Digital Marketing Agencies as Head of SEO Dept, where I worked with more than 100 clients across multiple categories and geographies, which includes some of the largest E-commerce, Ed-tech, Healthcare, Travel & Hyperlocal Businesses in India, USA, Europe, Australia & New Zealand.


Global Head of SEO - MPL

I am spearheading SEO & ASO Vertical for MPL which is into Real Money Gaming Industry .


Head of SEO - Obbserv

I worked as Head of Search. Managed a Team of 20+ SEO specialists & 50 active clients.


SEO Manager - Obbserv

I worked as Manager of SEO. Leading a Team of 10+ SEO specialists & 20 active clients.


Freelance SEO Consultant in India

I started as a freelance SEO Expert in India. Mostly managed Local SEO clients & Affiliate SEO Websites.

SEO Services

International SEO

Specialized in multilingual SEO projects. Scaling Business expands their visibility in different countries with the right recommendations to dominate SERPs.

Local SEO

Optimize your website & GMB with local ranking factors to BOOST your organic visibility to Rank High on SERPs and generate more local business!

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of your online store when people are searching for your products & categories on SERP.

Content Strategy

Selecting the right keywords to build a strong Information Architecture & Topical Relevance is what helps brands to outrank competitors.

Technical SEO

Auditing your website to find all technical glitches and issues on your website that can cause quality concerns when crawlers crawl the website.

Link Building & PR

Acquiring quality & relevant links that move the needle on SERPs. Building strong PR & Editorial Links to gain trust & authority to dominate the high competitive niches.

Trusting SEO Specialist in India isn't Easy!

I won’t deny the fact that it’s effortless for any person on the internet to claim themselves as an SEO expert, but let me give some good points to trust me & help you with SEO.

I’ve helped numerous businesses develop a result-oriented digital strategy that helped increase their rankings on Google but also provided quality traffic & consistent revenue (because ROI is what matters!). 

I have faced & resolved some of the complex Technical SEO challenges for various medium & large-scale websites. Some of them are Javascript SEO & Rendering Issues, Index bloat, Site-wide Keyword Cannibalisation, Malicious redirects, Hacked & Compromised websites, Spamdexing issues, Crawl budget wastage, Incorrect Multi Geography Implementations, complex website migrations, Bad Crawl depth, Bad Information Architecture, Content decay … and the list goes ON!

Ranking algorithms have consistently changed themselves in the last decade. A solid understanding of evolving search intent has helped me make data-driven decisions in building my SEO strategy, eliminating chances of having any penalty from core updates.

I make consistent appearances on many SEO and digital marketing-related clubhouse podcasts, webinars, and summits. I love expressing my views and thoughts with others in the industry to showcase the results of SEO experiments that I’ve run. It also helps me benchmark myself in the industry and get many working methods, techniques & insights from other experts, which is not less than a growth hack for my strategies.

Technical SEO Services

Website Migrations

Migrating your site with adequate planning and taking necessary precautions so that you don't loose your existing authority and rankings. Without an organic SEO expert your migrations can result in drop in traffic and rankings.

SEO Audits

A detailed website audit that will give you exact idea of what is the status of your website w.r.t to Technology, Content & Authority and what are the issues that you have to fix to grow your organic rankings and Traffic

Penalty Removal

Hit by a Manal action or a Google core update ? Don't worry I have it all covered in this. I will help you remove your existing penalty and get you where you were before.

Website Hacked ?

Website is hacked ? or Spamdexed by an attacker. I will help your website get back in shape and suggest ways to improve your website's security to avoid any future Attacks.

Javascript SEO

Website not getting crawled by Google ? I will help your website to fix all the crawlability issues related to Javascript SEO and Make sure your website gets rendered by Google.

Core web Vitals

As a Google SEO expert, webpage speed and fixing page experience is very Important. I will help. you Improve your webpage speed w.r.t Google core web vitals and help you pass your pages in Search Console.

An SEO Expert's Tools Stack

Deepcrawl SEO Tool Logo

Don't take my word for it!

I know you might still find it hard to trust me. So, here is what some of the Best Digital Marketing Experts, Founders & Leaders have to say about me. 

Devendra has immense knowledge about SEO and is capable of analyzing and strategizing a whole SEO strategy from scratch and has the experience to manage teams and guiding them to implementing it.
SEO is a huge database and getting ranked on the first page is a wish of every business and Devendra can help in catering that need by filtering your website to get top among the huge database.
Devendra is one of the very passionate SEO Professional I have worked with. He is a result oriented & objective driven person. Getting the keywords on the first page of Google is what every client needs and he delivers the same with in a set timeline. He is the best SEO expert in India and I will recommend him for the SEO consultation services.
Devendra is one of those passionate minds who goes out of the box to achieve break through performance. He has been helping brands since several years to successfully achieve their objectives digitally, which has helped him hone his SEO skills. I worked with him for various category of brands and I am happy to recommend Devendra for his SEO skill set.

Why Hire me as your SEO Consultant?

It’s a no brainer – you want to hire the best search engine optimisation expert to grow your revenue from Google Search. When you hire Devendra Saini  you can be assured of a superb ROI. I am not the Kind of SEO expert who over promises and under deliver but can rather believe in setting right approach, strategy and make data driven decisions to achieve desired results

I have the proven experience as an  SEO expert that can take your website and make it reach new heights. Absolutely everything that I have learned and practiced over the years I continue to implement my learnings day in and day out – ensuring that no stone is left unturned when finding ways for your business to grow online. 

I understand the current situation of the website and then formulate a tailor made SEO strategy which identifies all the current pain points & How to solve them. Every website is different and can’t be ranked with a similar approach. That is where my decade long experience comes in with the right recommendations that can grow your websites organic Search visibility over a certain period of time.

My mission is to get your website higher rankings, quality traffic, leads and grow your revenue.

Common SEO FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

No-one can claim themselves as the Best SEO expert anywhere in the world. The only criteria you can consider a good SEO Expert is their ability to bring sustainable growth for your brand and how much results he has delivered in his past projects.

The cost of an SEO Service / Package depends on the type, competition & size of the business and the kind of growth a client or company expects to be delivered. If you want sustainable growth and do not want your site to drop traffic and rankings in the next Core Algorithm update, you will have to put in a lot of Quality Work.

SEO Costing can be divided into the following parts :

  • SEO Strategy / Consultation / Management 
  • SEO Execution 
  • Quality/Expert Content Writing, Editing & Research
  • Technology – Web development, UI/UX & Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation & Inbound Marketing
  • Data Analytics / Analysis
  • Link Building / Outreach / PR / Brand Marketing

For Small Scale businesses, Lead Generation & Local SEO might cost somewhere between 25,000 ($400) to 1,00,000 ($1500) INR Per Month.

The whole Package of the above deliverables can range from as low as $1000/Month to $10,000 or INR 50,000 to 7,00,000 Per Month for a Medium to Large Scale business.

For Enterprise Businesses, SEO can cost as high as $10,000-$25,000 Per Month.

Local SEO is more intended towards businesses that serve their customers in regional geography. Their potential customers/target audience is specifically searching for their products and services in that specific city/area/locality.

Local SEO is for businesses Like Dentists, Clinics, Restaurants, Plumbers, etc.

Keywords that businesses want to rank would be: Dentists in New Delhi, Dentists Near me, Plumbing Service Near me, Plumbers in NYC, etc.

An SEO Expert will optimize your website & Google My Business listing to rank well on these Searches and proximity where the potential customer is searching for your product or service.

Yes, SEO is Important for every website out there, not just e-commerce. Google Search is one of the first digital touchpoints of a potential customer starting to search for information. It’s essential to rank well on Google to get your business discovered & grow a sustainable traffic channel for your online revenue growth.

Tools help us to provide data that is used to build, enhance and curate our SEO Strategy. Some tools are of utmost importance to get the correct benchmarking of data points for the success of any SEO campaign.

Tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Rank Trackers, Google Search Console, Google Analytics are some of the essentials for an SEO Consultant to get better results.

SEO is an $80+ Billion Industry (2019 ). After Covid, the demand has further increased. SEO is a fantastic career choice for passionate people, and I have seen people making huge revenue and money out of it. 

But, You have to be very good to achieve a successful career in SEO.

Surprisingly, this question gets a lot of attention in the industry. As Long as organic results are live and visible on a search query, SEO will be there forever.

I honestly don’t see SEO being dead for at least 25 Years from now – especially when businesses are rapidly becoming more aware of it, as well as wanting to dominate their competition online.

Since SEO isn’t just one thing to implement, it’s altogether a product in itself that needs strategy, planning & seamless execution to implement. On Average, an SEO campaign can take at least 3-6 Months to Implement & deliver results by 6-9 Months for small to medium scale businesses. 

It also depends on the Natural Authority & Trust of the website in the eyes of Google; in such cases, results might come very fast ( 1-2 Months ).

Well, it depends on what your current scenario is. After analyzing your competitors carefully and the nature of your business, we can develop a tentative number to increase the trust and authority of your brand.

But there is no “x” number of backlinks that can help your brand rank on Google. It all boils down to competition & the quality of links that can move the needle.

If you were getting good traffic from Google and suddenly your traffic or revenue dropped in numbers, and there is no glitch on the Technology / Analytics front, there are high chances that your site might be penalized.

Some of the alarming signs of penalty are :

  • Usually, drop occurred at the time of Core – Algorithm & Spam-related updates.
  • Penalty might be reported in Search Console in case of manual action
  • Your site might have a Negative SEO Attack
  • Your current SEO might be indulged in spam or black hat practices.

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    What are the Benefits of SEO for your Business ?

    • Sustainable traffic growth for your brand
    • Significant ROI of marketing efforts
    • High lifetime value of customers
    • Growth in non-branded traffic
    • Reduces your overall customer acquisition cost


    • High intent-driven traffic
    • Very high conversion rates and quality leads/customers
    • Drive better awareness with Top of the fold visibility in Featured snippets, Local Map Packs & Other Knowledge Panels
    • Better perception & experience of the brand as compared to competitors


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