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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an effective way to market your business online, as it helps you to promote your goods and services to local customers exactly when they are looking for them. For example, you may have found this website by searching for ‘Local SEO India’ or ‘Local SEO services India’.

It is essential, as millions of customers use local search every day to find the best businesses that offer the goods and services they are looking for.

Ranking as a local business is critical for beating your competition, and I’ll help devise a strategy to get your local businesses’ GMB listing more views, engagement, and ultimately sales.

What a Local SEO expert does?

Put Your Business On The Map

Customers use search engines
to find local businesses 80%
Local searches
Result in a call. 76%

Local SEO experts create a bespoke results-driven strategy to improve your SEO and help to boost your conversions. Utilizing various tools, techniques and strategies to improve your local presence online.

Put Your Business On The Map.

Local SEO is essentially about communicating the local relevance of your web pages to the search engines. As a local SEO company, we utilise various tools, techniques and strategies to improve your local presence online. Some examples of our services include local link building, local citations, Website optimisation and claiming your ‘Google My Business’.

How it can grow your business

It is a highly targeted approach to marketing, that essentially positions your website to be seen by your local customers.

Surprisingly, several businesses are yet to claim their Google My Business Listing; therefore, now is a great time to boost your ranking with Local SEO, and stand out from your competitors!

Hiring a local SEO expert can help you to grow your brand whilst attracting more targeted customers.

You CAN'T FIX what you CAN'T SEE


Dev System

Local SEO Includes

Keywords Targeting

Targeting keywords for local SEO services will bring them to the forefront of the SERP, thereby magnifying the reach and helping the business grow.

Local Link Building & Citations

Effective local link building campaigns make a difference in not just local organic rankings but also in pack rankings.

On-page Optimization

Search engines need to know the nature of your business and location of operations to rank you for appropriate searches.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a great tool for Local Search Exposure, which works for small and large businesses.

Ratings & Reviews

Effective ratings and reviews help business’s in local packs. Ratings and reviews can be effectively used to improve your business’s search rankings.

Detailed Reporting

We go that extra mile to ensure that our reports work just as well for businesses with one or multiple locations.

Local SEO FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

SEO focuses on your site’s rankings, usually on a global or national scale. The goal is to get your site seen for keywords in a variety of regions. Local SEOfocuses on only certain smaller areas like cities and subregions to get more localised traffic and rankings.

Simply put, focusing on specific areas helps improve your local SEOSet your GMB profile to your city and region, get reviews on your GMB profile, and create content around local events and local keyword searches. By making these small changes, you can help improve your local SEO.

Nearly any industry can benefit from local SEO, but a few can benefit even more from local SEO. These industries include restaurants, local shops, service-based businesses operating in certain areas, pet services, and medical practices.

Local SEO is essential. It’s crucial to ensure that people who use “near/by me” searches find your businesses. If you’re not optimised for local SEO, you’re missing out on potential customers.

Local SEO service is a service custom-tailored to your business and location to improve your local SEO. These services specialise in boosting your rankings for the “near/by me” searches your potential customers are searching.

You can improve your local SEO ranking by bringing in local SEO experts. You will have someone by your side to improve your keywords based on voice search and localised searches, your GMB profile (and other site edits) to make you more visible on a local level.

local SEO strategy is essential for small, local businesses. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is important to increase traffic, attract customers, and make your business known.

That, depends, of course, upon where your business is located. But, in very general terms, as of July 2018,  46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information (and that’s according to Big G themselves) That’s nearly half, another indication of just how important local SEO is.

The benefits of local SEO for a business that has a local presence are almost too many to list here. But here are some of the most important:

  • A stronger web presence in your local market
  • Higher search engine rankings in local search
  • Your web content will rank higher in search, driving more traffic to your site.
  • Increased website traffic
  • An increase in phone calls from potential local customers
  • An increase in foot traffic to your business location
  • Increased sales revenue
  • An increase in repeat business
  • Stronger local community presence
  • More effective incentive-based marketing campaigns

As an SEO consultant that specializes in Local SEO, we have developed a set of proprietary local SEO techniques that we tailor to suit the needs of every individual we work with. In local SEO, there is no one size fits all solution that will ensure that every business ranks and it possibly can in local search.

Instead, we examine the needs of each business/client we work with and create a unique local SEO plan that will include Google My Business listing optimisation, general website SEO optimization, Google Maps optimization, locally-focused content marketing, local business citation optimization and much more, according to the individual business’ needs. 

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