How to Build High-Quality Backlinks Quickly Using The Competitor Backlinks Strategy

Backlinks are a huge part of SEO (even though Google seems to deny it), but acquiring backlinks can be a challenging process for a lot of people.

And indeed, acquiring high-quality backlinks requires quite a few things from you: good, linkable content, a lot of time and a high level of patience. 

There are many strategies you can use to acquire backlinks, but this time I want to share my experience with what I think is the quickest way to earn high-quality backlinks. 

I’m talking about the competitor backlinks strategy. My job mainly involves building links, and every week I can generate anywhere from 10-20  Ahrefs DR 50+ backlinks, most of which come from this exact strategy.

For this, I will be using two tools: Ahrefs (for revealing competitors’ backlink profiles) and Respona (for automating the majority of email outreach processes.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it. 

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